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Wild & Sacred 

Heart centered women

following ancient roots 

on a life changing adventure

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A journey to change your life

This is the delightful occasion to join in a journey that will be a gift on your path to build on..

Join us on an adventure  to our primal voice, our belly feeling, our spiritual source.


We will follow ancient roots to remember and to rise!

It is Exploring our Inner Knowing and Dance to the Rhythm of our own Drum.

A  Re-treat just for You !!!

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Wild & Sacred Journey takes you on a journey, not as a tourist but as a Priestess, a Wild Woman, A Witch, A Medicine Woman. We journey as a strong Sisterhood on Sacred land to Ancient Wisdom. A journey to remember our selves who we really are. 

The first journey was in 2009. A sacred journey to Engeland. A remembering of the Priestess. This was the first of many adventures.


Join us to the ancient Lands of England where we will connect to the Priestess within. Unleash your wild and free self on the sacred Island of Hawaii where Fire and Water meet. Come on an adventurous journey to Mexico into the jungle and the magical waters. Dive deep into self Love and healing in the arms of Mama Bali. Remember your ancient roots in Egypt where we will both travel the desert and the waters where we will play and heal with the Dolphins. 

Also Black Forest Germany, Ibiza Spain and Broceliande in France... 



Sisterhood in Avalon



Wild & Sacred Journey
October 2023

Goddess Retreat
October 2022

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Janette McKinnon, Costa Rica

"I have hosted and co-facilitated Retreats, but this Retreat was my first one as an attendee, and what an amazing one. Now I am one of Margo’s greatest fans.  I was so impressed with what she has to offer, as well as Margo’s loving and amazing skills. When more than one of my issues surfaced and needed to be processed, I felt supported and nurtured during the process. I feel that I received exactly what I needed most, and have come home feeling so much stronger and aligned than ever before.


I have been to Hawaï Big island twice with Margo. It was a life-changing retreat each Time.  Both Margo and this Land welcomed me and saw me growing day after day of the retreat. I was held into the loving arms of pele and of sisterhood under the guidance of the wisest and wildest woman I know. This is an opportunity to connect to the deepest of yourself and of this ancient and vibrant place.

I found a homeland, i found reconnexion ...just go and follow this Amazing  woman !

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