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Priestess Rising Retreat  

With Margo Awanata 
16-18 December 2022 - Schwarzwald, Germany

A retreat to remember our sacred feminine leadership . 

This retreat is for women who want to reclaim the GODDESS within and step into their Feminine Power!

During this retreat we will journey with 3 strong feminine Archetypes to ignite our inner flame and let this flame grow into a passionate fire that will help us transform our fear and pain into strength and wisdom.

A rising into our divine feminine leadership.

Are you ready for a retreat that will leave you feeling deliciously fulfilled, joyously connected, deeply empowered?

It is all about Love. Deep, raw, real Love. 

Join us on this life-changing retreat in raw and magical Schwarzwald, Germany. 


As women, we are reclaiming our  power. We are remembering our natural gifts. We are removing the masks that have hidden us from living in our most authentic, joyful and powerful lives. We are remembering our truth. Inside of each of us  The Goddess of Love, the Huntress, and the Warrior. It's time to reclaim our whole selves and live the divine purpose we were born for.


As Priestesses walking this earth, we are here to raise the vibration to Love. We are here to transmute pain and masks into authenticity and compassion. We are here to be healers, oracles, mothers, sisters, confidants, leaders, and lovers. In ancient times, a Priestess was revered as a leader. She was honored for her wisdom, her sight, and her passion. We are HER. We have returned now, in these modern and chaotic times, to remember and claim back our truth and to heal the world. You are so needed Sister.


"On her own, a woman can be a goddess indeed; but when together with sisters, they can be an awesome pantheon, capable of anything"




The archetypes that we will

work with are:

The Sister

The Sister is the loving embrace that holds sacred space. We will heal the sister wound and empower each other. We will decent together into the shadows and lift each other up into the brightest light. 

As the Sister we will work with tools of love and empowerment to learn on a deep level what it is like to hold sacred space.

The Warrior

The Warrior is the sacred NO. The no that you need to give value to your yes. Without your sacred no your yes is hollow and will burn you up. The warrior set's boundaries and faces everything that is in her way of living her best life. She wields the sword of truth with love and (self)respect.  

The Priestess

She is the channel of the divine feminine. The embodiment of sacred feminine leadership. She is the voice of those who can not speak and lives a love centered life of purpose and being of service. She lives her own medicine and everything she does she does for a greater good. 



Dates : 16-18 December 2022

Schwarzwald, Germany.

Investment: €447,-  Early bird (After October 1st it will be €497,- )

You can spread your payment

This includes

Accommodation in a 2 person room

All meals (healthy and fresh).



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