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Priestess Awakening 

Remember your Sacred Feminine Leadership

12-14 March - Ibiza

This retreat is for women who want to reclaim the Priestess within and step into their Feminine Power!

During this retreat we will journey with 3  Archetypes (Warrior, Queen and Priestess) to ignite our inner flame and let this flame grow into a passionate fire that will help us transform our fear and pain into strength and wisdom so we can connect to our purpose..

A rising into our divine feminine leadership.

Are you ready for a retreat that will leave you feeling deliciously fulfilled, joyously connected, deeply empowered?

It is all about Love. Deep, raw, real Love and ancient wisdom that already lives deep within us and want to be remembered. 

Join me on this life-changing retreat on this magical and mythical Island where the energy off the Sacred Feminine is still alive. 



During this 4 day retreat we will not stay in the retreat house, no, we will travel the land and work with the extraordinary and beyond beautiful nature of Ibiza. We will visit some of the most powerful places, not as tourists, but as Priestesses, Medicine Women, Wild Women on a mission, 



"On her own, a woman can be a goddess indeed; but when together with sisters, they can be an awesome pantheon, capable of anything"

Schermafbeelding 2022-12-12 om 21.54.34.png
Schermafbeelding 2022-12-12 om 21.55.25.png


🌀Embrace the inner Queen and open up for purpose living

🌀Unleash the Warrior and break through whatever is holding you back


🌀Awaken the Priestess and remember your magic and ancient wisdom

🌀Elemental Ritual

🌀Sacred places

🌀Deep Sisterhood

🌀Healing the Sister wound

🌀And so much more... 




Dates :12-14 March

Airport: Ibiza (IBZ)

Investment: €397,-  (You can spread your payment)

This includes

Accommodation in a 2 person room

All meals (incl eating out) 
Transport during the retreat. 

Not included 

Transfort to Ibiza

Transport to the Accommodation (about 17km from the airport)

Your drinks when we eat out.



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