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Return  to  the  Goddess

A journey to remember the Divine Feminine through ancient Greek Goddesses. 

10-14 October - Crete, Greece

This retreat is for women who want to reclaim the GODDESS within and step into their Feminine Power!

During this retreat we will journey with 3 Goddess Archetypes to ignite our inner flame and let this flame grow into a passionate fire that will help us transform our fear and pain into strength and wisdom.

A rising into our divine feminine leadership.

Are you ready for a retreat that will leave you feeling deliciously fulfilled, joyously connected, deeply empowered?

It is all about Love. Deep, raw, real Love. 

Join me on this life-changing retreat on this magical and mythical Island where the energy off Goddesses is still alive. 



During this 5 day retreat we will not stay in the retreat house, no, we will travel the land and work with the extraordinary and beyond beautiful nature of Crete. We will visit some of the most powerful places, not as tourists, but as Priestesses, Medicine Women, Wild Women on a mission, 


While we discover the wisdom of ancient Greece, Body, Mind, and Soul! We will work with the Goddess Persephone, Artemis and Aphrodite and let them guide us into the manifesting of ourselves as the woman that we are, remembering the Goddess Within. 


"On her own, a woman can be a goddess indeed; but when together with sisters, they can be an awesome pantheon, capable of anything"




The Goddess archetypes that we will

work with are:



Persephone is known as the Queen of the Underworld. Every fall she makes her descent to the underworld ,subconscious mind, and every spring she returns to earth, the conscious mind. We will decent with her into our subconscious mind to become aware of our limiting believes and how we sabotage ourselves in order to stay small and invisible. 

We will begin to heal deep seeded  wounds and believes that are ready to be brought to the light.


Artemis is the Huntress, the Wild Woman. Queen of the forest. 

Artemis will guide us back to our wild nature and our heart-longing. She will help us become aware of what we really want in life and with her arrow we will bring  focus and direction on our path toward this. 

Her spirit animal is a golden deer, and the deer her medicine is to follow her heart. 


Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and she will guide us into deep rituals of self-love, joy and pleasure. Through her mirror we will become aware of our own unique, raw beauty and love. She will help us to discover the Goddess within and remember our own unique gift to this world. 




Dates : 10-14 October 

Airport: CRETE - Heraklion Airport (HER)

Investment: €677,-  (You can spread your payment)

This includes

Accommodation in a 2 person room

All meals (healthy and fresh) except for 1 meal when we will eat out.
Transport during the retreat. 

Not included 

Transfort to Crete

Transport to the Accommodation (about 17km from the airport)

Your food and drinks when we eat out (1x)



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