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Return  to  the  Goddess

A journey of magic, love and sacredness

10-15 October - Crete, Greece

Sister, do you hear the whispers of Goddess, as she beckons you to feel her, embrace her and be her divine vessel by stepping into your feminine leadership? Are you ready for a life full of magic, sacredness & love?



Join Margo & Leonie to Crete, locally know as Critii, ‘The Isle of the Goddess’ – a place where the Goddess has been honoured for tens of thousands of years and where we will meet her again. Through nature, through 3 of her Goddess archetypes and by reclaiming our Goddess within. 



During this retreat we will journey with 3 Goddess Archetypes to ignite our inner flame and let this flame grow into a passionate fire that will help us transform our fear and pain into strength and wisdom.​


​A rising into our divine feminine leadership.


Are you ready for a retreat that will leave you feeling deliciously fulfilled, joyously connected, deeply empowered?

It is all about Love. Deep, raw, real Love.

Join us on this life-changing retreat on this magical and mythical Island where the energy off Goddesses is still alive.



During this 6 day retreat we will not stay in the retreat house, no, we will travel the land and work with the extraordinary and beyond beautiful nature of Crete. We will visit some of the most powerful places, not as tourists, but as Priestesses, Medicine Women, Wild Women on a mission, 


While we discover the wisdom of ancient Greece, Body, Mind, and Soul! We will work with the Goddess Persephone, Artemis and Aphrodite and let them guide us into the manifesting of ourselves as the woman that we are, remembering the Goddess Within. 


"On her own, a woman can be a goddess indeed; but when together with sisters, they can be an awesome pantheon, capable of anything"




The Goddess archetypes that we will

work with are:



Transformation & Magic 


Persephone is known as the Queen of the Underworld. Every fall she makes her descent to the underworld ,subconscious mind, and every spring she returns to earth, the conscious mind. We will descend with her into our subconscious mind to become aware of our limiting believes and how we sabotage ourselves in order to stay small and invisible, we will shed these layers to We will discover Persephones powers that we all hold within, a source of magic, of deep intuition, a place of deep trust and knowing. 


The Wild One


Artemis also known as Vritomartis and Diktina on Kriti, more widely know as Artemis is the Huntress, the Wild Woman. Queen of the forest. Artemis will guide us back to our wild nature and our heart-longing. She will help us become aware of our deep intuition and connection with nature.  This will help us unveil of what we really want in life and with her arrow we will bring  focus and direction on our path toward this. Her spirit animal is a golden deer, and the deer medicine of the deer is to follow her heart.


All About Love


Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, encompassing all kinds of Love, deepest forms of self-love, passionate lover’s love, the love for nature, our tribe, our sisters…. Aphrodite will guide us into deep rituals of self-love, joy and pleasure, of sisterhood & compassion Through her mirror we will become aware of our own unique, raw beauty and love. She will help us to discover the Goddess within and remember our own unique gift to this world.



❤️ Two nights of our journey we will stay at a guesthouse on the beach surrounded by nature and super close to a magical grove 

❤️ meet the Melissae - the honey bees and helpers of the Goddess in the beautiful mountains for a honey ceremony 

❤️ feel your connection to Goddess and the Earth that yoare made of on the Red Beaches of Matala

❤️Tap into your potential to and grow emotionally, spiritually, and


❤️Break free from the shackles of self-perceptions and beliefs that

are not serving you (any longer).


❤️Journey this sacred island as a Priestess

❤️Discover the power of Sisterhood


❤️Unleash your voice and learn to use her as your magic

❤️ Elemental rituals and wisdom


❤️ Entering the deep darkness of the Goddess

❤️ We will visit the most sacred and powerful places of this beautiful


...And so much more...


Schermafbeelding 2022-12-12 om 21.54.34.png



Dates : 10-15 October  (6 days)

Airport: CRETE - Heraklion Airport (HER)

Investment: €667,-  in Pre-sale. (After the Pre-sale the price will be €777,- )
It is possible to spread your payments. 


This includes

Accommodation in a 2 person room
Transport during the retreat. 

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Not included 

Transfort to Crete

Your  drinks when we eat out. 

IMPORTANT: for this retreat you must be fit enough to hike & climb & swim as we will spent most time in nature


Margo Awanata


Since 2002 Margo has been guiding women their journey to remember their own sacred path.  She is deeply connected to the land and the rituals that she works with.

 Margo is a mentor who is not afraid to go into the shadows with you. She enters into a deep connection with the women with whom she works and lets them feel that in the safe space that she offers they can really go into the depths where transformations can take place.


She manages to take everyone to a higher level while she is firmly on the earth with both her legs. Margo is like the loving earth mother who cherishes and feeds and at the same time shakes off all false beliefs and excuses. She brings her teachings with humor and depth.

"I've joined many retreats of Margo in the passed years, but every time feels like the first time and peels off another layer...
The deep connecting with the land, the beautiful nature in a foreign country adds so much to the experience, and sharing sisterhood and powerful ceremonies led by Margo invites and inspires to go ever deeper. "

Annelies Oskam




Leonie Alleman

After working as a holistic therapist Leonie started to lead in women's work. Bringing deep healing and remembering to the community through her  circles and workshops.

Leonie is the true embodiment of the Wild Feminine. She is fierce and loves deeply. She is a healer and a true sister. 

In her work she hold deep and safe space for all.


"There is such deep magic around this women. She tunes into the moment and makes that magic visible for everybody around her. 
Her deep compassion filled heart and her untamed courage makes me want to follow her into the woods, because I just know that whatever will happen there... it is going to be amazing!


Margo Awanata 

Sacred Women’s Wisdom Facilitator,
Ceremonialist & Priestess



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