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Wild & Sacred  Hawaii

Heart centered Women on a life changing journey

24-31Januari 2024

Hey Sister, 

I want to invite you on a
  journey to a deep transformation and remembering of who we are on the sacred soil of Hawaii! 


This journey is for women who are ready to dive deeper and connect into ancient Feminine magic and Elemental wisdom. 

Are you ready for a heart opening  journey to discover yourself and unleash the GODDESS within? 


During this retreat we will stay on Big Island.  The Island of the Elements.
It will be a  journey deep into our heart to (re)discover the eternal flame burning there. We will work with the energy of the Goddess Pele to let this flame grow into a passionate fire that will help us transform our fear and pain into power. 

A rising into our feminine leadership.

We will also work with the power of   Na-maka-o-kaha'i. the Goddess of water and waves. We will use her waters to cleanse and bless ourselves. To remember ourselves on the deepest layers and indulge in Self-Love and deep healing of the Sisterhood Wound. . 


Are you ready for a retreat that will leave you feeling deliciously fulfilled, joyously connected, deeply empowered?

It is all about Love. Deep, raw, real Love. 

Join me on this life-changing retreat in this wild paradise.

Lumapi2-253 kopie.jpg

Imagine yourself breathing, not like you normally breathe, but really breathing. The kind of breathing that rejuvenates every cell in your body.  After an inspiring, day of adventure, dance,  lush nature, and powerful rituals you are watching the sunset in the Hawaiian Jungle.  You feel alive, tingling with joy and you know yourself seen and loved and powerfull. You connected to your true potential and feel the way opening to manifest your true self and unique personal feminine power into reality. 


You are in Hawaii with a group of like-minded sisters who help, love, and support you on your journey to a life you love, in a body that you appreciate. Deeply rooted in your potential and ready to make big changes in your life.. as a feminine leader.

A 7-day retreat into elemental magic of  Hawaii

During this retreat we will not stay in the retreat house, no, we will travel the land and work with the extraordinary and beyond beautiful nature and energy of Hawaii. We will visit some of the most powerful places, not as tourists, but as Priestesses, Medicine Women, Wild Women on a mission, 


While we discover the beauty and sacredness Hawaii has to offer.
This will be an empowering, transforming, and life-changing experience. Body, Mind, and Soul!
It will be a journey to manifest ourselves as the women that we are, remebering our self-healing power. We will lift the veil of insecurities and self-doubt so we can emerge from our own womb of creation.  deep deep remembering of what is sacred.

A few highlights

♥ Transformational work through rituals and exercises  

♥ Awaken the Goddess within 

♥ Bring movement to your body and into your life

♥ Reclaim your power

♥ Unleash the wild and sacred woman

♥ Empowered vulnerability

♥ Authentic presence

♥ Hula Dance

♥ Re-connect to your sacred essence in the lush jungle. 

♥ Medicine dance and Body work

♥ Beach and Sunshine 

♥ Free time to enjoy this paradise

♥ Sisterhood

♥Jungle adventures 

And so much more


Annelies Oskam

I've joined many retreats of Margo in the passed years, but every time feels like the first time and peels off another layer...
The deep connecting with the land, the beautiful nature in a foreign country adds so much to the experience, and sharing sisterhood and powerful ceremonies led by Margo invites and inspires to go ever deeper. 
If you have the chance: go with Margo, you won't regret it.


I’m deeply deeply touched by this magical week with Margo and the other beautiful sisters.
Such a warm bath of sisterhood and love, I’ve never felt this before.
I joined without expectations and jumped right into it, during the whole time I opened up my hearth more and more, came into the feminine softness and magic happened all over.
Even after 2 months I’m not able to tell all about it without tears rolling over my face..
This was for me a lifechanging week, I feel so much (self) love, trust, strength, space and so much more.
This is just the beginning of remembering who I am………
A deep bow and lots of love for Margo, her great team and all the other beautiful sisters


Never a dull moment, you can expect the unexpected when you join this retreat of Margo. I went along without any expectations and I found myself submerged in the warmth of the Sisterhood, going into a deeper layer, deeper and deeper the middle of the Mexican jungle. "I will never ever forget this magical experience, you won't either" I found a homeland, i found reconnection ...just go and follow this Amazing  woman !




I am able to keep the price for this journey low because we will journey in Tribe. This means that there will be no cook to prepare our meals,  We will do this as a Sisterhood. together!


Lumapi3-027 kopie_edited.jpg

If you want to spread your payment, please contact me


When: 24-31 January 2024
Airport:  Kona - Hawaii


Investment €1333,- (Pre-sale, after 

the pre-sale the price will increase 

with €100,- ) 

(You can spread your payment, contact me for more info)

This includes 

♥Transport in Hawaii

♥Accommodation (2 persons room 

♥Healthy Meals 

♥Deep and transforming program. 


Not included 

-Your ticket to Hawaii (airport Kona) (contact me for tips on cheap tickets)

-2 x Evening meals and 2x lunch when we will be going out.

Optional EXTRA
If you want you can join me on a 3 day trip to the Hawaiian Island Maui after the retreat. 
The plane ticket, hotel and the shared car(s) we will rent and food while we  are on Maui will be extra costs you will make.



Margo will bring you to places you could have never imagined. She guides you with a loving embrace through this process. You will burn like a volcano and new things will grow out of you. Don't hold back, she's got you. In Sisterhood, with love and the opportunity of true change. Listen to yourself and if you hear the call...DO IT. It is one of the best investments in yourself.

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