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From the Sacred Land to the Holy Water

A Life changing and heart opening journey
with Joy Kailani and Margo Awanata
30 March - 8 April 2023 Egypt

A journey from sacred land of Egypt to the Sea and the free Dolphins.

We will make a journey of the Queen.

A rising into our own heart, leaving our comfort-zone and diving deep into the loving and healing energy of the Dolphins to ignite and empower our sacred, heart-centred, personal leadership.

Spiritual womens retreat

We  will  travel in

Welcome Sister, 

Are you ready for this adventure? 

Both the Dolphins, the sea, the sacred lands will be mirrors of our own love and greatness but also mirrors for where we are still holding back in judgement and fear. 

This journey will not only be a bucket list experience but also a deeply transformative initiation in your personal leadership.

Girl standing in the middle of a desert with hands up in the air with peace signs, enjoyin
beautiful seven girls from the backside doing a heart with the hands looking at the ocean


- Desert nights 

- Swimming with free dolphins

- Heart opening rituals and meditations

- Deep loving sisterhood

- Opening up in Feminine Leadership

- Magical nights under the stars

- Dancing and Singing

- So much Joy

And so much more...


Day 1 - Arrive in Marsa Alam for deep connection in Sisterhood 

Day 2 Dessert - Solitude and offering  We will travel into the desert where we will connect to our intentions and our deep roots to prepare for our time at sea with the dolphins

Day 3  We will travel to the Harbor and will stay our first night on the boat. 


Day 4 Mirrors in the Sea. We will leave the harbor and journey to the riff where we will connect to the sea and  the dolphins. 

Day 5-7 Finding Atlantis. We will not only swim with the dolphins but we will work with the energy and medicine of this amazing animals who will guide us to mystical and magical places within ourselves. 

Day 8 Root deeper - Rise higher. After another morning in the sea, we will visit a small Island where we will connect back to the Earth. A moment of integration and celebration.

Day 9 Time to play  (Beach and surprise)


The Boat

Together at sea

When we board, we will stay at SEA DREAM. The boat is almost 8 meters long and 7 meters wide. We will journey at sea for 8 days with a group of women and an amazing crew that will take good care of us.

 There are 8 cabins on board, each with 2 beds. Each cabin has its own bathroom with a sink, shower and toilet.

There is a cozy wooden lounge where we come together for delicious meals. The salon has a bar, various seating areas and a corner where you can get your own coffee, tea and some snacks.

On the 1st floor there is enough space to sit in the shade. 

There is also the possibility to sleep on this deck at night, which is highly recommended because the starry sky is breathtaking.!

On the 2nd floor, also called sundeck, you can sunbathe or retreat in silence to meditate or to enjoy the beautiful view over the Red Sea and the beautiful Dolphin reef.

You book this trip on an all-inclusive basis. There will
In the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening a delicious  buffet. 
Water, soft drinks, coffee and tea are available all day long. In the salon you will also find fruit, cookies and other delicacies.

When we are at sea there will most likely be no Wifi. 



Dates: 30 March - April 8 2023 

Airport: Marsa Alam

Investment: Early birds pay €1797,- 

(You can spread your payment)

This includes:

Travel in Egypt 


All meals


Travel to Marsa Alam (Egypt)

Snorkle gear 


Before you sign up we would like to ask you to fill in this form that we need to hand over before we enter the boat. 




Margo Awanata

Margo Awanata has been guiding women on their healing and remembering journey since 2002 She takes these women on journeys retreats to Hawaii, England, Bali, Spain and now to Egypt.  She is a mentor who is not afraid to go deep with you. She knows how to lift everyone to a higher level while standing firmly on the ground with both her legs. She performs her teachings with humor and depth.


Joy Kailani

After the training "Dolphin healing heart" Joy followed a calling to the red sea of Egypt where she had her first deep dive with the wild dolphins. This was the beginning of a new journey. She started to organise journeys  for people to receive the same deep healing and blessing she received from being in the water with these beautiful animals. Joy is a warm woman who really belongs with Dolphins in the sea. She guides women in this magical vibration of Dolphins and whales and she does this so profound and with such deep love. 

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